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Donate to ZIC Today!

Donating to the Zone 28 & 32 Interact Convention impacts hundreds of Interactors across North America, creating a ripple effect that will provide them with the resources that they need to change lives.

The Zone 28 & 32 Interact Convention Donor Program 

Here at ZIC, we really appreciate your generous contribution. To ensure that you get the recognition you deserve, we have created a tiered donor program. Donors are recognized and celebrated at our convention. We will never be able to thank you enough for your belief in our vision to empower Interactors. We thought it best to celebrate our donors in every way possible.

Your Donation Matters

We are striving to ensure that this event is a successful, enjoyable experience for all Interactors that attend. Through your donation, we are able to cover necessary expenses that will make this convention, which is the first of its kind in the Interact world, shine. This includes financing meals, supplies for the event, accommodations for participants, costs associated with various pieces of the program and more. 

If you would like a detailed breakdown of where your donation will go please reach out to

Image by Antonino Visalli
Image by Duy Pham

How We’re Funded

We rely on contributions of Rotary Zones, Districts or individual Clubs that are generous enough to provide us with a donation. We also rely on organizations, businesses, and corporate funders. Above all, ZIC wants to involve Rotary as much as possible in the process, and allow them to help pave the way for Interactors in Rotary’s future.

Donating to the Zone 28 & 32 Interact Convention

Our donor tiers are named after various natural sources of light. They reflect how “Interact lights the way” in Rotary, and are also a manifestation of the shining brilliance of our donors.

Starting at $100.00 CAD, we track your contributions and recognize you based on your donor level.


Aurora Donors

Image by NASA

Star Donors


Lightning Donors

Image by Vasily Kozorez
Image by Thomas Allsop

Sunlight Donors

Firefly Donors

We accept donations via cheque only. To make a donation, please reach out to

View and Download our Full Donor Guide

The donor packages provides an in-depth look into how donations made to the Zone 28 & 32 Interact Convention work, including tiers, in-kind donations, and more.

Thank You

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